AISHELL-WakeUp-1 中英文唤醒词语音数据库

AISHELL-WakeUp-1 Chinese and English Wake-up Words Speech Data

       AISHELL-WakeUp-1语音数据库共唤醒词语音3936003条,1561.12小时。录音语言,中文和英文;录音地区,中国。录音文本为“你好,米雅” “hi, mia”唤醒词。邀请254名发言人参与录制。录制过程在真实家居环境中,设置7个录音位,使用6个圆形16路PDM麦克风阵列录音板做远讲拾音(16kHz,16bit)、1个高保真麦克风做近讲拾音(44.1kHz,16bit)。此数据库经过专业语音校对人员转写标注,并通过严格质量检验,字正确率100%。可用于声纹识别、语音唤醒识别等研究使用。

AISHELL-WakeUp-1 database contains 1,561.12 hours speech data, including 3,936,003 wake-up words speech files.

  • Database language: Chinese and English

  • Recording area: China

  • Wake-up words for recording: “Hi mia” and the Chinese of “你好,米雅”

  • Speakers: 254 participants

  • Environment: Real home environment

  • Device setup: 7 different positions are set for recording, including:

    1) Six 16-channel circular microphone arrays (16kHz,16bit) for the far-field recording;

    2) One Hi-Fi microphone for the close-talk recording (44.1kHz,16bit).

AISHELL-WakeUp-1 database was transcribed by the professional speech annotators with high QA process, and the accuracy rate of word is 100%, which could be used in research of voiceprint recognition, wake-up words recognition and so on.

1561.12小时 | 1561.12 Hours


254 speakers in the recording



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HI-MIA Recipe



A far-field text-dependent speaker verification database for AISHELL Speaker Verification Challenge 2019

About this resource:

The data is used in AISHELL Speaker Verification Challenge 2019. It is extracted from a larger database called AISHELL-WakeUp-1 and AISHELL-2019B-EVAL.

The contents are wake-up words "Hi, Mia" in both Chinese and English. The data is collected in real home environment using microphone arrays and Hi-Fi microphone. The collection process and development of a baseline system was described in the paper below. The data used in the challenge is extracted from 1 Hi-Fi microphone and 16-channel circular microphone arrays for 1/3/5 meters. And the contents are the Chinese wake-up words. The whole set is divided into train (254 people), dev (42 people) and test (44 people) subsets. Test subset is provided with paired target/non-target answer to evaluate verification results.

License: Apache License v.2.0

Rule of the file



e.g. SV0001_2_10_N0001.wav

Train/Dev Sets

1. Randomly add silence frames at        the beginning or end for SVC-          2019 test set.

  1. 阿斯蒂芬

2. Unprocessed raw data.

Test Set



Field meaning


 Speaker ID



 1-6:circular microphone arrays ID   (far-field);7:HI-FI Mic ID

 Point position   ID

 Microphone ID   of an array




 Speaking speed